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Sunday, December 21, 2014

What to wear for Christmas

P/S. here is my Christmas make up tutorial that I did hope that you enjoy it! I wore this look for all the outfits here:)
Hope it turns on the Christmas mood too!!! Woohoo now let's go! 


Gurrrrrllllfrieeendddd.. I know what chu're thinking, 
Since you're already clicking my blog, I'm pretty sure you're feeling clueless on what to wear for the big C day. 
Since I'm feeling very festive, I thought I'd share with you some of my ideas! This kindda reminds me of my
  What to wear for Valentine post, Click on the link for a quick laugh just please remember to get back here!! LOL! 
So for this festive season! I'm sure a busy woman (or guy) like you would be booked by now! No?! It's okay, me too T_T
So Gurlfriend... I've got you covered! If you're heading to a fancy restaurant / having dinner with the BF's family, 
or even just showing off during your long lost high school reunion! Whatever possible events, I've got your back.
Here I just listed down some possible things that I thought you might be doing for Christmas, 
WITH JUST THESE 4 OUTFITS TO CHOOSE FROM. Gurrrrrlll... You won't go wrong. Trust me! I'm an expert! 
So now if you're wondering..hmmmm.. WHAT TO WEAR FOR CHRISTMAS!?

So ladies and gentle men, If I may suggest... 
If you're going to ______________________...


kiss someone under the mistletoe 
(someone you've been wanting to swallow kiss for sooo long)
[ C1 ]

avoid kissing someone under the mistletoe who's been dropping hints the whole night!
[ B2 ]

christmas carolling or going to church.
[ C2 ]

christmas carolling, and you absolutely HATE IT! 
[ A2 ]

a gathering where your crush is gonna be 
(and you know it cause you've been secretly stalking his facebook) 
[ A1 ]

a gathering where your ex is gonna be 
[ B1 ]

 a gathering with a bunch of old friends and you want to WOW them with 
how successful you are now, WHAT ARE CHUUU GONNA WEAR?!?
[ D1 ]

Christmas dinner with the family
[ C3 ]

Christmas dinner with the boyfriend
[ B3 ]

Christmas dinner alone (or) with the dog
[ A3 ]

Ice skating in sunway pyramid, because there's no winter wonderland in Malaysia...
[ C4 ]

do charity work - for a great and genuine cause
[ C2 ]

do charity work - hoping a prince charming sees this heart-warming side of you and 
sweeps you off to a castle to live happily ever after. WHAT ARE CHUU GONNA WEAR?!? 
[ D2 ]

sequin top : H&M (similar HERE) / boots : DR MARTENS / bottoms : TOPSHOP

[ A 1 ]
a gathering where your crush is gonna be 
(and you know it cause you've been secretly stalking his facebook) 

HOLY MOLY! HE'S HERE!! you recognize these butterflies in your tummy everytime when he's in the room! 
It's been such a long time! How is he? Where has he been? What has he been doing? Does he feel the same way??
So much questions rolling in your brain when you see him walking into the room. Quick! Take a look at what you're wearing! 
You're wearing something shinny, blinged up with sequins, sparkling with diamonds, how could he possibly NOT notice you!
Go up to him! Say Hi! Be jolly! I'm telling you confidence attracts people! Trust me, I'm an expert LOL!

[ A 2 ]
christmas carolling, and you absolutely HATE IT! 

Why do you have to do this?!! You were forced to do it!! You don't want this! and you don't deserve this treatment!!
but darlings, when I'm in a bad day, or when I feel like I'm being forced to do something that I'm not comfortable with,
my solution is to wear something nice, for myself to make me FEEL better and it'll instantly turn you up into a good mood! 
It's just christmas carolling, besides, you're making someone else's day brighter, and doesn't that turn the tables on your sulky day? :)

[ A3 ]
Christmas dinner alone (or) with the dog
who says you can't dress up if you're having dinner alone or with the dog?!

leather jacket : similar HERE / mesh dress : H&M (similar HERE) / shoes : FOREVER 21 / tights : TOPSHOP

[ B1 ]
a gathering where your ex is gonna be 

you: gurrrllll... XXX is in the room right now!! What should I do!?! 
yo girlfriend on the phone: gurlll.... You know that nigga's got a new hot chick right?!?
you: OH-M-GEE, are you kidding me?! Are you serious?! So what do I do now?!?

Gurlfriend... I've got your ass covered. Make sure you're wearing nothing but sexy and anything SEXY!
Wear a deep V, flash out those interesting leggings, so he will be looking at those gorgeous legs you have. 
eat spicy food a lot so you have that sore-throat husky sexual voice, but wait he HAS A NEW GIRLFRIEND,
unless if you already have your NEW boyfriend in the room, go talk to another hot guy! make sure he sees it and gets jealous,
make sure that you're always happier than he is, but the truth is that chu're crying so hard inside T_T  BE STRONG!

[ B2 ]
avoid kissing someone who's been dropping hints the whole night!
under the mistletoe (AWKWARD!) WHAT ARE CHUUU GONNA WEAR?!?

RUNAWAYYYYY FROM THAT CRAZY ASS NIGGAA. this is when you NEED to wear full black. 
I see people on instagram wearing all black like it's fashion, but HERE I tell you is where you need to wear black the most!!
CAMOUFLAGE!! Be a ninja when you need it the most, not for fashion sake! when you see that guy that you feel soo ew about,
run and hide in the furthest corner, even better just lay on the ground and pretend you're someone else's shadow!
Trust me, you don't wanna be kissing someone you feel so awkward about underneath the mistletoe, 
what happens after that man??? just runaway!! RUN LIKE A DEER RUNNNNN!!!

[ B3 ]
Christmas dinner with the boyfriend

Oh hellooo hellooo boyfriend... You've been preparing a dinner meal the whole day! (no actually scratch that)
You order a turkey freshly baked with a homemade sauce that you can said you "made" yourself, because come on,
who would put on effort to dress up after spending the whole day cooking and stirring in the kitchen with all those heat and sweats!? 
Order in! Make sure you make an early booking for the festival or else you'll be ordering pizza! but hey, any-day's a great day 
for pizza. ANYWAYS. it's time for some sexyyyy time with the boyfriend ;) They say you can catch a man through his tummy, 
so get some really nice food for dinner, and of course some sweet hot desserts in the room later ;) HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHH
leather, choker, dark red lips, black and lace, because which guy doesn't like a good girl to be bad to him ;) *cries laughing*

pretty sweaters : examples HERE / black basic skirt : examples HERE / socks c/o :

[ C1 ]
kiss someone under the mistletoe 
(someone you've been wanting to swallow kiss for sooo long)

Ohhh my gawd, girlfriend I know how you feeeeellllss.. I know you have been waiting for this moment since forever!
I'm thinking that since this is your first kiss with this guy you should play it low key a bit, dress down,
not something toooo fancy, you don't wanna come off as cheap, you wanna look cute, flirty, and still conservative.
wearing furry stuffs are a bonus because it always adds on a touch of cuteness, add on a short flirty skirt,
and maybe socks and heels for this extra lil girl look (boys just love to "protect" these kindda girls lol)
you wanna come off as fragile and vulnerable so that the guy will take good care of you. HAHA, trust me i'm an expert.

[ C2 ]
christmas carolling or going to church.
 do charity work - for a great and genuine cause

Of course it's advisable to wear something more appropriate when it comes to charity work and going to the church
or going for christmas carollings. You're associating yourself with God, do you think you wanna be waering something too sexy???
Something sweet and charming enhances your good quality of doing good for other people with a genuine heart! 

[ C3 ]
Christmas dinner with the family

Not sure about yours but in my family it's always advisable to wear appropriately during family reunions! 
Not sure if it's because of Asian families or what, you don't want aunties, or your parents to be nagging at how bad you have been behaving,
and what nasty crowd you have been hanging out with that have been a bad influence on you. OMG don't you get so annoyed!?
I know I do, so for Christmas dinner with the fam it's always a good idea to play safe with the furry sweaters for a cute, charming look.
Also if possible get a knee length skirt! LOL!

[ C4 ]
Ice skating in sunway pyramid, because there's no winter wonderland in Malaysia...

Don't you get just envy those people who get the chance to spend their Christmas in a winter wonderland?!
It's always been my wish to see snow and play with snow during Christmas! With those cute mittens and a lovely fur coat!
Snowball fights, skiing, making a snow angel, do you wanna build a snowman~~ YES PLEASE!! feeling jealous??
I know I am! I guess we need to be thankful with what we have and that is ICE SKATING! but don't bump into anyone,
even if you do let's hope that we bump into our prince charming who hopefully has a castle in the north pole LOL

fur jacket : TOPSHOP (similar HERE) / pattern skirt : examples HERE / socks c/o : OOH-N-AAH / silver shoes : examples HERE 

[ D1 ]
 a gathering with a bunch of old friends and you want to WOW them with 
how successful you are now, WHAT ARE CHUUU GONNA WEAR?!?

They say, "Dress to Impress!" and I couldn't agree better. People are naturally very judgemental on how you look (on the outside)
There's sooo little people I know that judge you after they personally take time to know you and it's fustrating so whatever!
You're gonna live the quote! You used to be the loser, the quiet one, the one who gets bullied a lot in high school. 
No one knows you, no one invites you to the hottest parties, no one sits with you during lunch times. and it's devastating. 
This time, this reunion, is YOUR TIME TO SHINEEE. Bring out the Fendi, the Gucci, the Prada, the LV!!
Because life is too short to be living in the "unnoticed" side, I'm telling you, people would be asking you,
"WOW! you've changed!(in a good way" /"Oh wow you look so different now!" /"Where did you get that bag from it's so nice!"
I'm telling you, your confident level will boost up when you hear good compliments! And of course you'll feel good about yourself!

[ D2 ]
do charity work - hoping a prince charming sees this heart-warming side of you and 
sweeps you off to a castle to live happily ever after. WHAT ARE CHUU GONNA WEAR?!? 

Who says you can't do charity work AND find the love of your life at the same time!?
Even though you might be sweating balls in the soup kitchen, or feel extremely frustrated as a story-book teller
to the noisy kids in the orphanage, don't worry! have hope that your prince charming is always around the corner,
this is when you always need to get ready and prepare to dress your best! Dress so best you are castle-quality!
Dress so best, you can plan your wedding the next step!

socks c/o OOH-N-AHH.COM


Finally I'm just wishing everyone a very merry christmas! it's only just a few more days! can you feeel the turkey already?!
haha, hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, lol. here's what starbucks does to you at 10pm.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Make Up look x BBIA, EGLIPS Korean MAKE UP REVIEW from

HELLO LADIES... This beautiful festive day of the year is about to come!! and I'm extremely excited! Literally feeling the Christmas vibe 
everywhere in town!! I get ecstatic at the thought of it too, especially when I see christmas decos everywhere, even on parking tickets! 
I saw this Mid Valley's christmas themed parking ticket HERE last night and it made me smileeee :) I guess it's the lil things that matters! 
When we think of christmas we think of MAGIC(!), snow, glitters, gold, red, bronze, shimmers and of course a Christmas tree, lol,
So for this year, I got inspired to do a Christmas Make up look by yours truly! Can't believe I didn't blog anything for last year
:O What a waste! So for this year, in collaboration with , I made a video tutorial for my make up look! Have a look!

Products used in the video:
and a close up and further description on all the products!

# 1. Eglips Powder Pack from
The first thing I put on my face after using my Shisheido foundation, I set it with this powder pack which makes my skin 
look ultra baby-bottom smooth! And somehow it micro blurs out pores in a really silky soft texture that I like!
Plus it's palm size and very compact to be carrying everywhere! It's size is just perfect for a gentle lady to use.
Not only that I'm especially loving round curves for campact powders than square edges, it feels more girlie!

# 2. NYX white eyeliner
I highlighted the parts where I want my gold glitter to be, and a white base would really make the color POP OUT.
I don't usually use this technique but hey it's for Christmas, and if you need any eyeshadow to shine brighter, 
you could use this white base underneath eyeshadow technique! :)

# 3. BBIA eyeshadows from
Once you've highlighted your eyes with the white eyeliner, be sure to darken the rest with these babies!
Added on all this eyeshadows to make my flat eyes look 3D ! hahah that's the secret to making my mono-lids look not obvious
Add different shades of eye shadows and blend them for a more natural look rather than just using ONE shade, 
there's a big difference if you try using all 4 shades rather than 1. I'm loving this almost matte eyeshadows to the max! 
The reason why I'm saying that they're almost matte is because there's still micro mini size shimmer in them,
but not till the point where it's really shimmery it's obvious, IDK, but I'm into less shimmery eyeshadows lately.
It looks more natural! So natural that a ratchet girl like me used #01 to darken my nose bridge, hehe. It works well 
and I've been saving up on bronzers! To be honest... I don't even have and don't own any bronzers T_T
 #02 is a darker shade than #01 (obviously), #10 has a maroon shade to it, I think it would work perfectly with purple!
Ratchet girl's advice to you is that for #08 you migggght just be able to use it as a blusher also, what a nice color! lol.

# 04. NYX gold glide on eye shadow stick
It's an eyeshadow glide on stick on the go! Has this glossy texture as a outcome, and I use this to add gold glitter on, 
because it's has this creamy kindda texture when applied on that can stick the glitter, again another silly makeup idea of mine 
lol... But hey it kindda makes sense no? It works like a glue for the glitter to be stuck on! 

# 05. BBIA bronze and red glitter from
I'm pretty sure this is a use-anywhere-its-okay kindda glitter, hence I used the red one to highlight the middle of my lips too!
:P heeh This really shimmery bronze and red glitter brings out the christmas mood! Cause what's christmas without blings?
The frosty shine that it gives just lights up my festive mood, I'll probably put it all over my face and body for extra
boost of christmas mood! AHHHH Christmas, what a wonderful time of the year!!! :) 

# 06. BBIA gel eyeliners in bronze and cream color from
My lower eyes are highlighted with this babies, a gorgeous dark bronze eyeliner with a cream shade shimmery eyeliner
that makes your eyes pop out! Just line the cream shade on your waterline to instantly make your eye seem like it sparkles! 
Cause it's a bit glittery for the cream eyeliner, I then just use the bronze eyeliner to draw on the outer sides of my eyes.

# 07. URBAN DECAY black eyeliner 
I swear by using this black eyeliner from Urban Decay, it's the blackest one that I have ever purchased!

# 08 BBIA cream blusher from
I always think that blushers make you ultra cute. It's an effortless magnet to attract guys, LOL. Just swipe this 
on both sides of your cheeks and you'll be to die for! An instant boost of cuteness, I'm loving this cream texture,
because it's so easy to blend! And for a person like me who don't use blusher on a daily basis, I think this packs a lot! 
Wondering when will I be able to finish thie whole pack! 

# 10 3CE matte red lipstick from
The best way to describe this color is red hot chilli peppers lol. Almost a fine line to a coral shade,
I heard some matte lipstick can get really chappy but thank god this one is not, it's not dry at all!
I decided that for this look imma put the focus on the eyes more so I un-brighten the look with...

# 11. NYX maroon color lipstick
I used this to outline my lips, I probably should own a lip liner, but budget girl's gonna be realllls. haha
I already used my eyeshadow as a bronzer and highlighter, I'm guessing there's a lot of many other ways to improvise! 
LOL this shade has a vampy look that I like which I think with the combination of 3ce's chilly red matte lipstick,
it would make my lips look more 3D like! More fuller looking plump lips! :)

# 12. MAJO red eyeliner, SILKY GIRL green eyeliner
I borrowed this from my colleague Step because well, I have noooo color liner, and I never wore any out before.
Haha, thank god someone I know has this so I can borrow and make my Christmas look look complete! 
Adding a mistletoe on my cheeks well just because. Hey I think it's pretty quirky and cute okay. ;D hehe.
Anyone wants to kiss these lips below the mistletoe? :P hhehehe


And the look is complete! :3 Just put on some cute christmas headband and you're good to go!
I got this reindeer one from Daiso for only RM5! Why spend on something that you only wear once?
HAHAHHA, i know... the whole video and my blog has been in a very tight budget recently,
because again I have to stress... I am epic broke......

Anyways my look wouldn't have been complete without the help of , I'm sure you've seen me using
all those pretty Korean products in the video and the pictures above, don't you think their packaging is just so adorable?!
I'm sure all of you know that Korean cosmetics on the market has the best tone to fits our asian skin the most! is a local online brand that carry a lot of Korean brands that we can't get here, (all genuine btw)
With the right texture, they compliment our features the best! I received this box of goodies from them a while back,
just in time for my Christmas look tutorial! I love it ! and here's what's in the box! 

When I first open it I saw a Christmas card with my name on it! It definitely makes us feel more exclusive no? :) 
Of course, flowers Rudoplh's head gear and the bling bling top not included LOL

So many goodies! Oh joyyyyyyy! 
and below are 2 other things that I didn't get to feature in the video, but thank you so much guys! 

Really comfy and good quality Christmas theme socks! Who doesn't need this?! :) Will feature them on my next post!

A nude lipstick from Eglips that I can wait to wear next! 

 I'm really looking forward to Christmas, although every year I have no idea what I would do, because 
my familia doesn't celebrate Christmas. But I think people just make christmas seem so... magical :) filled with hopes,
and dreams, and sparkly stuffs, haha. Hmmmm... Christmas.. What should I do this year? :)

Stay tuned for the next post! something Christmasy is coming up next again! 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Abandoned Greek

Hello ladies! I know it's kindda rude to greet you with my ass for the first post but whatevs,
I'm loving the shoots for this series! Partly missing photoshoots a lot (those proper ones I mean) where I curl my hair,
I know my hair still looks pretty fail, and I accidentally burnt my cheeks with my hot curling iron because idk what was I doing.
Day-dreaming perhaps, (while curling my hair at the same time) LOL genius, not funny because now it left a mark :( 
And I have no idea how to get rid of itttt. argghhh I guess again, time heals any wounds! (including bimbo wounds)
Don't mind me if you see me covering half of my face with my hair nowadays, now you know why, LOL 

Okay first let's talk OOTD! 
I got this beautiful beautiful long dress which had a really deep V for the front and back from a brand called FAITHFULL
haha, I never wore something like this ever! Partly I guess it's because I hate wearing NuBras, (they're so weird and sticky!)
But I got this versatile 3-way bra from THE NATURAL which is totally awesome! say goodbye to weird sticky Nubras!
ps: You can have a look at how the bra looks like on my previous post about it HERE 
The dress is so beautiful, it looks casual and I can imagine wearing this to the beach, and also a dinner party.
there's a lot of ways to style this dress up or down, hit on some fancy earrings, glitter on the body, with a fancy bag,
and you're good to go for a dinner party, (of course matching it up with some nice heels), Oh and maybe a nice bun too!
To dress it down for the beach, you could add a beautiful huge sun hat, a straw bag, and some sandals, and accesories! 
Walla! 2 ways of wearing this dress already. But for this look I decided to match it up with this place abit...

I've been to this place for a photoshoot I did for my friend before, you can view the album HERE 
Such an amazing space abandoned for God knows why, its so beautiful tho, the marble floors, the Roman-like pillars, 
and the big arch architecture, with the glass doors and windows is just perfection. The place just gives this mysterious vibe, 
first is that why is this beautiful place abandoned, second is why no one wants to fix it. Well maybe I rather not know why. 
I would love to stay here but I wonder what's the house past like... The place reminded me of a palace, *and I am the princess*
HAHHAHAHA SORRY, EPIC SHAMELESS. loving my hindu headband where I have no idea where to wear to,
except for photoshoots like these. (I made it my "crown"), matched with my huge Greek inspired necklace, 
and gladiators, to add some more greek essence to the whole look, loving how the dress has a slit on both sides,
to reveal what shoes you're wearing. and oh the lovely bare back is just goooooooorrgeous!  Lovely dress!

lovely arches...
 "Roooomeooo, roomeoooo. where for art thou romeooooo" LOL
* gazing at the camera hoping that no insects get onto my hair....*
just look the the floor around me, everywhere is filled with glass, dust, and fallen pieces from the house.
Haven't I not told you about the beautiful marble floors? Sighhhhhh. If only my house had these, they're so gorgeous! 
whollle marble flooorrr....
nothing much, this is just called my pushing the pillar pose. LOL

to be honest, I was pretty scared to edit the photos at night.... in fear I might see something in the background...
Eiyy I'm sure people on facebook will be commenting on my photos asking me to check out something behind -_- 
urghhhh arghhhhh annoying, that's not even the freaky part. The freaky part is actually well, ok, to be honest,
when I was here last year (omg IT'S BEEN A YEAR ALREADY?!) I saw crime scene numbers scattered all around the floor,
It's where not much people go to cause you needa walk around the house.... AND this year another freaky thing is...
I was greeted with photographs albums on the porch in the entrance of the house.... Hmm... Some silly prank?
Well hopefully that's the case. LOL..... but well I am looking forward to the next time I come  here hehe.

Again, thank you so much SHOPBOP for the lovely dress, I admit that it's pretty revealing, 
and I probably won't wear this on a regular basis because wow it's just damnnnn sexy, hahaha
or maybe I'm too sexy. ahhahhaaha omg *shameless again* #toosexy #can'ttouchthis 

Haha, goodnight everyone, December is coming soon OH WAIT NO, it's TOMORROW! 
yayyyyy! We're closer and closer to Christmas! (I mean not like I have any plans for Christmas),
but Yayyyy , I have quite some stuffs in mind to blog about for our lovely month of December! Heck,
even worked these 2 weekends for it already! :) I'm excited guys, you'll be seeing a lot of christmas related posts coming up next!

Goodnight! xoxo and if no one loves you, I gotta tell you I do :)