Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mint Red.

 outerwear : VINTAGE from BKK / skirt : TOPSHOP / shoes : NIKE / bag : REBECCA MINKOFF

Hello people! How are you doing today? Sometimes I feel when I'm asking this question it seems like I'm talking to myself.
LOL, but hey, I have an ASK.FM account, so if there's anything you wanna know about me, or just wanna have a chat, 
you can find me there, or else I feel like I'm talking to space sometimes, although at times I may be a bit slow

The weather has been really chilly recently (heck I feel like I'm saying this for the past 1 month on my posts),
So here's the chance for me to take everyday and do layering, we hardly can do that in Malaysia since it's always summer.
If only I could start matching up fur coats and warm boots, that would look so cute!! However this is the most that I can play with
 without sweating the whole day. lol. I like matching different patterns and textures together, it's always a nice challenge for me.
Here I'm just matching simillar colors but different prints together, you can get more printed skirt like these HERE
I bought my outterwear from BKK it's vintage and it's only RM8 !! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! that's so cheap. 
It's probably a guys' shirt because of the size. I'm pairing this vintage top with my Nike air max to give it a twist of modernity.
Also wearing a crop top with a moroccan inspired skirt, with my timeless Rebecca Minkoff bag in Black and Gold (my fav color!)
If you read my previous post, I've already talk about why everyone should have a RM bag, here are a few shoots of how it looks like! 

I absolutely love this bag, don't you? 
By the way, tomorrow's Halloween peeps! Have you decided what you are gonna be? I love festivals like these where you get to play dress up, 
and don't care too much if you fucked up your make up and did something wrong LOL, it's HALLOWEEN! you can just
come up with a bad excuse that your bad make up skills is part of the costume! Well at least for me of course, I've been a
gypsy, vampire, hindu goddess, leopard, hippie, forest fairy, red indian... I've already have in mind what to be as this year...

I'll be celebrating 2 days, Friday (actual day) in my friend's place, and Saturday in Zouk because there's an event! 
And you definitely can't miss events like these. They're so fun! It's so fun to see what other people are wearing, 
last year I think the most memorable one was that someone was dressing up as a sanitary pad, and another one 
carried a table around his neck! OMG, I'm just so looking forward to see what they have this year again, woohoo! 

Wondering what I'm gonna be dressed up as this 2 days? Like and follow my page to stay updated!
I post stuffs there about my life everyday !

Till then, Stay gorgeous peeps! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Rebecca Minkoff in KL

First thing's first you da realest I gotta put a disclaimer to the tittle today, KL is more like my house lol! 
Hello all my beautiful fashionistas! I'm sure when people ask you, "Have you heard of the brand Rebecca Minkoff before?"
I'm sure the sound of that brand rings at the back of your brain, because if you're like me and you follow fashion blogs from US / UK,
I'm sure Rebecca Minkoff isn't a stranger to you. They're famous for their luxury bags, especially their quality and soft leather.
Selena gomez, Black lively, Lindsay lohan, Paris hilton and a whole lot of other celebs has been seen carrying this baby around!
To me I'm thinking that this might just be the new Balenciaga that at one point was a trend everywhere! so many people were carrying it.
This lil guy here is very popular in the youtube family, basically all the beauty guru has one, and fashion bloggers has been picking it up.
So hello hello I'm here to join the trend wagon, but Eh, it's not only a trend okay, I personally wanted to get this for quite some time now.
After seeing almost all the fashion bloggers carrying it, my heart was itching to get one myself as well! Especially this MAC mini bag
The style of this bag is called the Morning After Clutch (MAC), not sure why does it share the same name with birth control pills,
but yeah I always wanted to get this MAC mini bag from RM (Rebecca Minkoff), they come in SOOO many different colors,
from rose gold chains, to vivid fuchsia leathers, there's just too many to choose from, and it changes every season!
Even the patterns inside the bags are different. But I especially love love love black and gold combos. So I choose this one!
And sadly (I don't know if it's a good thing or not), 70% of the bags that I own are black and gold. Well, they're just so versatile!
which can be paired and matched with other black and gold shoes that stands 70% space of my shoe collection. -_-

I got mine from SHOPBOP.COM you can click on REBECCA MINKOFF to check out all her stuffs. I received it 4 days after my purchase 
and boy oh boy, I was pretty nervous about it, because I never bought any expensive stuffs online before so to get it shipped 
was a bit worrying for me but thankfully Shopbop uses DHL express shipping and there's a code provided to track your parcels.
So pwef, thank god I was in save hands. It cost around 200 US Dollars for this lovely designer bag, and it's worth every cents!
Let's me tell you why...

First of all, Rebecca Minkoff is famous for their soft, quality leather, perfect for everyday use (heck I'm using it now),
When I opened the box that was welled packed from SHOPBOP I could smell a sensational scent of quality leather, I know,
I'm quite addcited to the smell of leather. I can't stop sniffing it like a drug it's weird, they should have leather scented perfumes lol
It's promisingly soft, but not like those overly soft leathers that feel like overcooked cabbage, it's hard on the right places too.
Just like what I need in a man ;) LOL!  I'm thinking of polishing it to protect the leather, cause perfumes and alcohol may damage it.

Next thing is SIZE. For a bag that's advertised as being small, this lil guy can sure carry A LOT! It's really good for traveling too! 
As the front has an exterior zip compartment underneath the flap, I'm thinking if I go travel I could put my passports here too, 
It'll be really safe as no one can open it and snatch your important belongings away from this compartment! 
Overall, this bag can keep my whole wallet, phone, sunnies, perfume, sweets, and actually a lot of other things.

this cross-over bag has detachable chains that can be made into a clutch! Perfect! To more versatile bags, 
and it's tassel (some few strands of fringe) on the zips adds an oomph of edgy twist to the character of this bag.
There's even 4 bolt in flat studs on the bottom of this bag to ensure that the bottom doesn't get damaged.
And the gold chains are not heavy at all, at first that was one of my concerns if it would make the bag a lil heavier, 
but I've been carrying it everyday now and I don't feel that extra weight. I personally love bags with chains
cause it's not so easy snatch-able, and it adds a more edgy character to the bag which I like! It suits me! :D

Besides this awesome RM bag, here's 2 other things that I got myself from SHOPBOP.COM

The Natural Plunge Bra from THE NATURAL . another versatile item that I bought, this bra is perfect for lowbacks,
or deep Vs because of it's multipurpose elastic straps that comes with it. I tried it on all the 3 different ways and it works! 
At first I thought that the bimbo me might get the best of me because some of the people were confused of the straps.
But to me it wasn't difficult at all, there's a description on the label on how to do it, but I didn't even read it, 
it's pretty simple, and it works on my low back dresses and deep v tops. Finally! GOOD BYE STICKY NUBRAS! 
I always hated wearing nu-bras because it's sticky and I feel it looks a bittttt weird, and am worried also if it falls off! 
So this bra definitely gave me more security, and well I'm not gonna post pics of me wearing the bra here lol,
but you can google and see how this bra works, because it does miracles! :)

and lastly I got another bra, a lace bandeau bra from FREE PEOPLE! I heard they are one of the "hipsters" brands in UK.
LOL I heard, but seriously they have a lot of nice stuffs! Go check them out. This lace bandeau bra is one of them that caught my eyes.
There's lots more other beautiful and delicate looking undergarments from their lingerie section here. So many to choose from!
And I got it because I saw a lot of good reviews from the people posting in shopbop said that it stayed on, unlike
a lot of bandeau bras out there which is quite loose. I tried this on as well and it was so comfy I love it!

Overally I'm really pleased with these purchases and would like to share them with you guys!
RM MAC mini bag is a MUSTTTT GET. it's so worth it! :D haha

Thought of the day:
Instead of Monday blues, think of Mondays as a time to REFRESH yourself. 
To restarts again, to redo the things you had done wrong, or renew yourself into a better shade... 
don't frown peeps, don't stop smiling :) 


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Black Dash New Hair

white lace dress :  TOPSHOP similar one HERE / bag : CHANEL similar one HERE 

I've recently (yesterday) have gotten to the dark side by giving my hair a tad bit shade of black! Why? 
Well mainly because I was sick of my previous hair color, and even sick of touching up my black roots all the time! 
It was costing me a boom and damage to my wallet. Every time I touched up my roots it would take at least RM200.
And because now that I'm saving up for an Iphone 6, retouching my roots all the time wasn't gonna be on my list anymore.
So i opt for this darker brown after discussing with my hair stylist about my problem. I was thinking of a natural brown ombre.
I couldn't bare the boredom of just having ONE COLOR on my head, at first I wanted to do a lighter brown on the bottom,
and a darker brown on top, so I don't need to cover up the roots too often, but after consultation, my hair stylist said it would look dry.
So ew, no no to dry hair, that's why I decided to do a reversed ombre ( lowlight = opposite of highlights) meaning, black on the bottom.
I couldn't afford to maintain bleached, fancy hair, I know a lot of bloggers do have them, and I've always wanted 
fancy blonde or funky colored hair,  but I know I just couldn't afford it :( but oh well I'll make it work!
I didn't wanna further damage my hair so I opted for this darker shade of brown, I'm not ready to go FULL BLACK yet,
it frightens me because I don't want to be looking to garang (fierce) as I know I already have that natural lansi face.
Again I need to stress this, if you know me in person I'm pretty wacky and goofy despite my lansi exterior. LOL

So yeah I chose this shade of dark brown which was in between my previous color and black which I'm thinking to try next!
I always wanted to go back to the FULL BLACK look but I'm just afraid it might look weird on me since I've already have 
light brown and light colored hair for 5 years already! Oh well, baby steps back to black! :)What do you think of my new hair color? 
Be Honest! Half of my friends say I look more Goody girl, and another half said I look more bad!

This is the first time in a long long long long time seeing myself in a dark shade, I'm just trying to get used to this dark shade, 
not sure how matching it with clothes would be like, but I think it might be a challenge for me to do cute make ups anymore, 
I feel that this hair color goes better towards the goth / grunge dark look, it looks nice, I like it don't get me wrong,
but I always felt that light hair colors on me suited my personality more, haha, It's hard to explain but...

Hmmm... let's just see how it goes shall we? ;) 
Have a great weekend peeps! xx 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Peachy fur

top and bottom : BKK / pullover : TOPSHOP 

It's the raining season. I'm caught at home with a bun (on my hair), and a coat with a hot green tea by my side, I can't go out... 
How I hate driving in the massive pouring rain nowadays. It seems like it's my every evening encounter back from work lately,
and I absolutely dread it, getting caught in the jam because of the massive rain and sometimes unexpected floods,
is not a way to end your lovely evening (working). But at least thank god, I guess it's better than getting caught in snow storms!


It's the time of the year where it's chilly enough to play with layers. (woohoo!) My kind of season is finally here.
Usually in Malaysia it's just too hot to even pull off a leather jacket without sweating, but we do it cause it looks cool anyways. 
It's finally the season where you can bring your cute leggings out to meet the sunshine (or rain), and show off your cool jackets! 
Time for me to dig out my furry stuffs, leather jackets, and denim jackets too! oh and don't forget leggings too! oh and beanies! 
And the list goes on and on and on~~~~ It never ends does it when we talk about outfits for fall/winter. Oh BTW, 


Have you seen DKNY x CARA DELEVINGNE 's collection ?!? GORGEOUSly filled with the contrastive yellow and black look!
I think for this fall season another really fashionable trend is the Philip Lim Pashli Satchel, this bag is going everywhere! 
I see fashion bloggers carrying this baby everywhere it's making me itch to get one too, argh PHILIP LIM, I love your designs!!
Time to save up and get one from them too! But recently I've already ordered a bag from Rebecca Minkoff ! It's not very famous (yet) in Malaysia,
so I'm planning to get it first before everyone starts carrying the same bag! Hahaha, 
I've seen so many celebs like Blake Lively, Paris Hilton, Agyness, etc. carrying it!

Well back to this look, I decided to bring out my furry pullover that I got from Topshop some time ago
because of our heat, I never got the chance to wear it out! But now's the time I even paired it with a cropped shirt inside for layering.
Splattered on some colors on my nails because I felt that my life wasn't very "colorful" recently. LOL they do make me feel happier!
And wearing my peach skorts that I bought from BKK matches the top's color so well! :D *giggles* I'm loving fall,
getting my hair dyed this wednesday too and I'm certainly looking forward to that, it's nothing wild or fancy but just a change of color.
Hehe, I'm looking forward to the year end, and of course to the opening of next again :)
Times flies but as long as you're happy it doesn't really matter :)

Be jolly all the time peeps, you don't know that your joy is contagious and it helps those in need!

Love you. x